Teaspressa Sugar Cubes

Arcadia Orange: What goes better with your champagne than a drop of OJ? This cube is jammed packed with fresh peeled orange picked from tree with a sprinkle of sugar. Arcadia Orange is great in a cup of hot or iced black tea, as an add on to a coffee or even tea mocha, and makes the perfect addition to any mimosa bar!

Strawberry or Raspberry: Highly recommended in champagne to add a little fresh berry taste, sparkling water to make an italian soda, or in a lemonade to make a refreshing berry lemonade! Drop these in anything sparkling and you'll also have a little magic bubbly show that will leave decorative fruit toppings left floating on top.  Exceptionally good if you mix these cubes together.

Grapefruit: A super fun, bright flavored cube boasting a juicy red, fresh grapefruit taste. Perfect to make a refreshing summer spa water, add to your green iced tea, or add it to your weekend mimosa bar!

Cosmo: Drop one cube into a shot of vodka or vodka soda for instant cosmo vibes.

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